Squarewheels on Location

BBC’s ‘Brassed Off Britain’

One of squarewheels most recent and enjoyable assignments was being commissioned by the BBC as the ‘Battle Bus’ for their prime-time consumers program ‘Brassed of Britain’ (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bob).

The show ran for 10 weeks, traveling 8000 miles around Britain interviewing and filming various ‘Brassed off’ guests.

Squarewheels’ managing director, Ivan Silverstein was given the part as chauffeur to presenter Matt Alwright. His role was the silent, long-suffering driver of one of Squarewheels’ Winnebagos. Ivan was even given his own web-page on the BBC website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/bob/tellivan).

Squarewheels maintained its 100% reliability throughout the entire 5 months filming & production of the program.

Living TV’s ‘Queer Eye for A Straight Guy’

The highly popular US television make-over show has come to the UK shores. Squarewheels was commissioned by Via Digital to provide Winnebago and make-up trailer for the 10 weeks filming of the show.

More recently, the American Queer Eye team came over to do two special shows in the UK in which Squarewheels was also involved.

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